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UNIC Crane Works on Hydroelectric Dam

URW 376 Lifting in Dam
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South Africa

A UNIC URW-376 mini spider crane was recently hired from Spider Mini Cranes SA to help lift and place materials at a Hydroelectric Dam in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. Selected for its heavy lifting capacity and compact working footprint, the UNIC URW-376 was lowered into the dam to assist with steel erection to help

UNIC URW-706 Rooftop Lift Installing Glazing

Rooftop Lift in Reykjavik

This UNIC URW-095 had the reach and heavy lifting capacity to help install glazing at a construction site in Reykjavik, Iceland. Selected for its versatility and ability to work on rooftops, this UNIC mini crane helped lift and lower glazing for installation around the façade of this building. The install took place next to Althing,

UNIC URW-095 Dino Lift

Dinosaur Lift for UNIC Mini Crane

The versatility of UNIC mini spider cranes often means that they are hired to help lift and place a variety of weird and wonderful things. The UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane was recently commissioned to help lift these lifesize dinosaurs into place in the Czech Republic. Selected for its compact size and heavy lifting capacity,


Mini Crane Lifts a Hot Tub

A UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane was recently hired to help lift a hot tub on to the roof of this exclusive estate in Johannesburg. Renown for its versatility and compact size, the 6-tonne capacity mini spider crane proved to be the perfect machine for this project thanks to its small working footprint, reach and


UNIC URW-547 Mining in South Africa

One of the largest names in South African mining recently purchased a UNIC URW-547 mini spider crane from UNIC Spider Mini Cranes SA. Following the purchase in South Africa, the company are now using the 4-tonne capacity UNIC URW-547 as part of their yearly maintenance shutdowns. The engineers have been impressed with the cost saving

URW 1006 Copenhagen

Powerful Lift for UNIC URW-1006

The world’s largest capacity spider crane, the UNIC URW-1006 mini spider crane was recently commissioned to help with a major expansion project in the City of Copenhagen. The 10-tonne capacity machine was set to work to help lift and place materials into place for installation and was hired from our Danish UNIC Cranes Dealers Lissner


UNIC Lift Fit for a King

Two UNIC mini spider cranes were recently used to help lift new glazing into place in an Old Mill which forms part of the Okor Castle Walls in the Czech Republic. The UNIC URW-706 and UNIC URW-295 mini crane were commissioned by UNIC Cranes Europe Czech Dealer, KMB STAVEBNI SERVIS  to assist with the install

Danish Defence Sale

12 UNIC URW-1006+ Mini Cranes Delivered to Danish Defence

UNIC Cranes Europe, the European Master Dealer for UNIC mini spider cranes, has successfully delivered 12 of the world’s largest capacity spider cranes, to the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and logistics Organisation (FMI) in Denmark. The purchase of these machines will primarily be used by military staff to help lift and replace engines into


UNIC URW-706 Modular Build

A 6-tonne capacity UNIC mini spider crane was recently hired from KMB STAVEBNI SERVIS to help lift and place materials as part of a new garden centre development in the Czech Republic. This versatile mini spider crane had both the lifting power and reach to help install elements of this prefabricated, modular building, in the


Escalator Assemble Easy Work for UNIC Mini Crane

When it comes to internal lifting operations UNIC mini spider cranes are the perfect lifting solution thanks to their compact size, small working footprint and heavy lifting capacity. The 6-tonne capacity, UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane was recently hired to help lift, place and assemble two escalators in the Ostarava Hl. Narazi main train station,

UNIC Crane Big Glass Lift

Oversize Glass Lift for UNIC Mini Crane

A UNIC URW-506 mini spider crane was recently commissioned to help lift and manoeuvre an oversized piece of glass into place. The UNIC URW-506 was hired from KMB Servis, our UNIC Cranes Dealer in Czech Republic and worked alongside a bespoke glass vacuum lifter to help install this huge 5.2m x 3.5m piece of glass. Weighing