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UNIC Cranes dealer in France

Access Industrie France specialises in providing lifting equipment for a variety of industries across the French region. This includes our range of innovative UNIC mini spider cranes that are available for both sales and hire across France.

Our UNIC Cranes dealer in France is committed to delivering high level of pre and post-sales support to all UNIC mini spider cranes customers. If you are looking for mini spider crane hire or purchase in France, our dedicated dealers are sure to have the solution for you.

With a dealer network spanning over 28 countries, UNIC Cranes Europe is the European master dealer for Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC. Specialising in the sale and hire of Spider Cranes throughout the whole of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, our dedicated French dealers are able to help with your spider crane needs throughout the whole of France.

To purchase or hire a spider crane in France, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today.




Rue Albert Einstein – CS 90201

+33 5 53 88 00 76