New UNIC Dealer for Norway and Sweden

New UNIC Dealer for Norway and Sweden

Thor Nordahl (L) and Anders Kiel (R)

European master distributor for UNIC mini spider cranes, UNIC Cranes Europe, has announced ANK Cranes as its new distributor for both Norway and Sweden.

Founded in 2019, ANK Cranes specialises in crane distribution in Scandinavia, offering both the sale and hire of machinery and full technical support to their customers.

ANK Cranes currently have two branches, one based in Norway, in Rælingen, 15 minutes outside of Oslo and one in Sweden, in Billdal, 15 minutes outside of Gothenburg.

Currently, the company is the sole distributor of HSC Cranes, supplying lattice boom crawler cranes.

Following its success, ANK Cranes have now added a range of UNIC mini spider cranes to their fleet, to help better serve their customers across Norway and Sweden and meet growing customer demand.

ANK Cranes team is currently made up of Anders Kiel, Managing Director of the Norway Depot, who brings 10 years’ experience from Arnab Kran & Lift AB and Knutsen Maskin AS, in roles ranging from Technician to Sales.

The team also includes Sales Director Thor Nordahl, who brings 33 years’ industry experience following his time at Knutsen Maskin AS, in roles ranging from Technician to Managing Director/Shareholder.

Lastly, Martin Andersson, Managing Director of the Sweden Depot, who has 15 years’ experience at Arnab Kran & Lift AB in roles ranging from Sales to Managing Director.

Anders Kiel from ANK Cranes said “We are delighted to have signed our contract with UNIC Cranes Europe as their official Dealer for both Norway and Sweden. Here at ANK Cranes we have a good understanding of our customer’s needs and we are sure that we have the right tools to make our distribution of UNIC mini spider cranes a success”.

He continued “With well-known experienced staff, a good central location and competitive pricing, the feedback we have received from the market so far has been very good and we look forward to working with the UNIC Cranes Europe Team”.

Graeme Riley, CEO of UNIC Cranes Europe commented “Partnering with ANK Cranes is a step in the right direction for UNIC Cranes Europe. We are confident that with their many years of experience and our long-standing relationship, they can meet the growing demands for UNIC mini spider cranes in Norway and Sweden. We are very much looking forward to continuing our work with them and taking our relationship from strength to strength”.


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