UNIC Cube Crane



0.98t x 6.44m capacity

The Cube Crane, the most sophisticated mini crane in the world, has a three-section derricking boom that can be adjusted to three different angles: 85°, 90°, and 95°. This feature makes it incredibly versatile for even the most difficult confined lifting projects and restricted access situations.

Innovative, multi-position outrigger configurations give the Cube Crane the ability to securely manoeuvre around obstacles on the job site. For maximum safety during lifting operations, this small crane has a safety load indicator system with an over winding alert and an intelligent voice warning system. The radio remote has been upgraded with Bi-axis joysticks and a feedback display to provide the operator all the information they need.

This small machine has a lifting capacity of almost a tonne and features a 21.1-meter lifting height as well as a horizontal reach that provides a maximum operating radius of 13.99 metres. This small crane, which is only 1.5 metres wide, can fit through a typical double doorway and manoeuvre around corners with ease because it can move the boom while travelling to the installation site.

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  • Safe working load: 0.98t x 6.44m
  • Total width: 1.5m
  • Max working radius: 13.99m
  • Max lifting height 21.17m
  • Diesel powered
  • Multi-position configurable outriggers
  • Unique 3 section derricking boom
  • Full colour high resolution SLI
  • Intelligent voice warning system
  • Radio remote control with bi-axis joysticks and feedback display

Ref: UR7035MR