UNIC goes Dutch with Metzo Machinery

UNIC goes Dutch with Metzo Machinery

Metzo Machinery UNIC Cranes Delivery

Metzo Machinery, based in the Netherlands, has recently taken delivery of four UNIC mini spider cranes from UNIC European master dealer, UNIC Cranes Europe.

The company is also the latest to join the UNIC cranes dealer network, providing UNIC cranes for both sale and hire across the Netherlands.

The purchase sees the delivery of a 6-tonne capacity UNIC URW-706-2 mini crane, a battery powered, eco-friendly, tracked UNIC URW-295 spider crane, a 2.9 tonne URW-376 and a URW-295 mini crane.

Eric Metz, Managing Director at Metzo Machinery said “Adding UNIC to our product range is a great move for us to become one the best machinery suppliers in The Netherlands”.

“Stepping into the lifting market with a brand like UNIC Cranes is exciting and very motivating for our salespeople to grow the business further”.

“We aim to provide the best solution for rental companies and end-users and with UNIC Cranes we have found the perfect asset for our fast-growing family-owned business. We are proud to be the official distributor for The Netherlands”.

Graeme Riley, CEO of UNIC Cranes Europe commented “Bringing an established business like Metzo Machinery on board aligns perfectly with our plans for continued growth throughout Europe. With Metzo Machinery’s commitment, capabilities, and excellent reputation across The Netherlands, we are confident that together, we can successfully grow the UNIC Cranes brand across the region”.

UNIC Dutch Dealer
(L-R)Tim Liefting, Saar de Smit, Sylvia Metz and Eric Metz all from Metzo

Metzo Machinery was founded by Eric Metz in 2006, with the business specialising in the sale and rental of quality used and new equipment.

Since then, the business has grown considerably, thanks to the company’s internationalisation success throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and USA. Following this success, Metzo then went on to secure dealership for Komatsu Europe locally.

The company now employs 6 people across the Netherlands region and has over 15 years’ experience in the sales and hire of construction lifting equipment.


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