UNIC URW-547 Mining in South Africa

UNIC URW-547 Mining in South Africa

One of the largest names in South African mining recently purchased a UNIC URW-547 mini spider crane from UNIC Spider Mini Cranes SA.

Following the purchase in South Africa, the company are now using the 4-tonne capacity UNIC URW-547 as part of their yearly maintenance shutdowns. The engineers have been impressed with the cost saving and the versatility of this spider crane.

One of the mining engineers said, “This is the most confined lift we have done to date which highlights the capabilities of UNIC Spider Mini Cranes”.

Feedback such as the above truly shows how UNIC mini spider cranes have the flexibility and capabilities to assist in a variety of lifting situations and have a variety of lifting capacity and reach for such compact machines.

The UNIC URW-547 mini spider crane offers a maximum lifting height of 18.6 metres and lifting capacity of 4 tonnes as standard. The compact outrigger footprint of this mini crane means that it can operate in restricted, hard to access areas.

A radio remote control and enhanced safety features are included as standard ranging from a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, outrigger interlocks to ensure stabilisation of the chassis before any lifting operations can be carried out. This mini crane also includes turnover protection with stability warning lamps and safety warning alarms, all of which help prevent the risk of the crane tipping.


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