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Welcome to UNIC Cranes Europe, home of the world’s most compact mini cranes. UNIC Cranes Europe, as part of the GGR Group, offers a complete range of mini spider cranes to hire or buy – the perfect lifting equipment wherever access is restricted or working space is confined.

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home of the world’s most compact mini cranes.

UNIC Cranes Europe is part of the GGR Group of companies. UNIC Cranes Europe was established in 2001 and now operates a fleet of more than 100 mini spider cranes, with capacities ranging from 1t to 10t. Working closely with Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC, UNIC Cranes Europe quickly became the appointed distributor throughout Europe.

Following the CE marking process in 2001, we became one of the first companies to import UNIC mini spider cranes to the UK. In 2003, the first UNIC – URW-295 arrived in the UK and UNIC Cranes Europe was officially launched, where the first UNIC mini crane was sold in Europe. In 2004, we became sole distributors for Furukawa UNIC Cranes throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Today, the UNIC dealer network spans over 24 different countries.

UNIC spider cranes have proven invaluable for a vast range of industries including glazing, construction, utilities, defence, waterways, and rail sectors all over the world.

Our UNIC mini spider cranes are incredibly compact, yet with the capacity and reach of much larger machines, they are the ideal solution for all lifting work where access is restricted or working space is confined.

UNIC Cranes Europe work closely with manufacturer Furukawa UNIC, where pioneering product development and innovation is continually at the forefront of our thinking. Our close-knit relationship with the Furukawa brand has allowed us to deliver some of the most revolutionary products on the market – we currently we have one of the biggest fleets of mini spider cranes in Europe.

But we don’t rest on our laurels; we’re continually striving to give our customers even greater amounts of choice. At present, we have the URW-1006, the world largest capacity spider crane, which boasts an unrivalled 10 tonnes of lifting power.

From Dubai to Iceland, UNIC mini spider cranes have been used around the globe. That’s why when our customers come to us; they know they can buy with confidence. Over the years, UNIC Cranes Europe has invested heavily in product development and innovation across the globe, to ensure our products can be used in some of the most challenging situations.

In Europe our dealer network spans over 24 countries: from the most northern point in Norway to as far South as Israel. Our global projects include work with the Ministry of Defence, when 10 of our UNIC mini spider cranes were purchased and specifically modified camouflage green to provide vital support to Chinook helicopters in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

Our other global projects include the use of a 4-tonne capacity UNIC URW-547 mini spider crane at the world-famous Red Bill Flugtag event in Prague. Wherever you are in the world you are never far from a UNIC mini spider crane.

Thanks to our reputation as the market leader, UNIC spider cranes and services are always in demand to work with some of the most significant projects around the globe. We’ve worked with brands like Coca-Cola, help to install a 7.5-metre-high Coca-Cola bottle with our UNIC URW-095 spider crane.

We’ve also worked at the Houses of Parliament in the UK, lifting, and installing their 20ft Christmas tree. Our most significant project, from 2012, allowed us to scale the infamous heights of the tallest building in Europe – The Shard, using our mini yet mighty UNIC URW-706. Other projects we have been involved with include the 2012 London Olympics, and we also helped install the Bomber Command Memorial at Beachy Head, Eastbourne UK.

We have also helped hoist cars at one of the most famous racetracks in the world – Silverstone. Not to forget our UNIC URW-706 helped assemble to 8-metre-high Bumblebee Robot, star of the Transformers movie.

With a network of 24 dealers covering locations from Iceland to the UAE, our expanding UNIC dealer network offers an unrivalled quality of service and expertise for the purchase and hire of both new and used UNIC mini spider cranes.

Our exclusive authorised dealers are part of a rigorous process that ensures each dealer meets the health and safety requirements and levels of industry expertise that UNIC Cranes signifies globally. The UNIC Cranes Europe dealer network makes customer satisfaction a top priority. There is a strong commitment to providing quality products and services whilst building solid, meaningful customer partnerships with new and existing customers across the world.

Our unrivalled, global reputation has allowed UNIC Cranes Europe to expand significantly over the past 20 years. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are always looking to grow our network further.

At UNIC Cranes Europe, we have 17 different models of mini spider cranes, that can perform lifts in some of the most compact and challenging spaces. They have the flexibility and capabilities to assist in a huge variety of lifting situations, from internal lifting through to waterway and railway track maintenance.

With an unrivalled combination of both lifting power and capacity, UNIC mini spider cranes are continually evolving in line with our customer’s demand. For instance, with the request to lift heavier loads with our existing mini cranes, we responded with the world’s largest capacity spider crane, the UNIC URW-1006, which can lift up to 10 tonnes in weight.

Not forgetting one of the smallest of the UNIC range the, URW-095, this mini crane can truly access all areas thanks to its slender 600mm width and lightweight frame. Boasting nearly one tonne of lifting power and an unrivalled lifting height of up to 8.8m, the UNIC URW-095 is one of the most popular mini cranes in the industry.

A step forward in mini crane engineering, the UNIC battery powered Eco-095 and Eco-295 models provide fume-free lifting for sensitive environments.

These mean, green and powerful lifting machines provide environmentally friendly lifting, whilst still retaining the same lifting power of the standard UNIC models, these Eco spider cranes are designed for interior access in some of the most sensitive environments. Ideal for food processing plants, listed buildings, shopping centres, airports and clean environments, these unique mini cranes are powered by a rechargeable 48v battery.

Innovative features include low-marking wheels which enable the cranes to work on light-coloured or polished surface or the option of standard tracks, ideal for where access may be restricted. The Eco-095 and Eco-295 are ideal for working inside congested, confined, or restricted access spaces such as museums and galleries, hospitals, airports, and manufacturing plants.

UNIC Cranes Europe regularly attends exhibitions and trade shows around the world to reinforce our reputation as industry leaders in the specialised lifting market.

From Bauma, Europe’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction, to UK Construction Week, the most prevalent construction Trade Show in the UK, UNIC Cranes Europe is always looking to expand our ever-growing dealer network and increase brand awareness globally. UNIC Cranes Europe provides the necessary marketing materials to help support dealers where appropriate, from brochures, to product presentations and cross branded marketing materials.

UNIC Cranes Europe provides multi-lingual literature which can be sent directly from our headquarters in the UK. Dealers are also supported with our online dealer portal, which provides full access to technical documentation and promotional literature - all of which are able to be downloaded at the click of a button anytime of the day. As industry leaders, we are committed to providing the highest level of support to every one of our dealers.

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