Senn AG, is committed to providing innovative lifting machinery for a range of industries across Switzerland. They also specialise in the hire and sale of UNIC mini spider cranes and will be able meet the specific needs of your lifting project.

Senn AG forms part of the exclusive UNIC mini spider cranes dealer network and are able to provide you with an extensive range of spider cranes across the whole of Switzerland. They are committed to providing quality products and services, whilst ensuring they build long lasting customer relationships. If you would like to enquire about UNIC spider cranes in Switzerland contact Senn AG today.

As the European master deal for the Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC, UNIC Cranes Europe specialise in the hire and sales of UNIC mini spider cranes through the whole of the UK. Our dealer network spans across the Middle East, Africa and Europe in order to meet the demands of our customers worldwide. Our dedicated dealer in Switzerland can help with all of our spider crane and lifting requirements across the region.