Euromarket Construction JSC

UNIC Spider Cranes dealer in Bulgaria

UNIC mini spider cranes are available for hire our purchase from our dedicated dealer Euromarket Group, based in Mlkadost, Bulgaria.  Established in 1992, Euromarket Group has a reputation as a leader in its field for the optimal balance between high quality products, expertise and exceptional service by carefully selecting products they distribute.

Euromarket Group forms part of the exclusive UNIC Cranes Europe dealer network and are able to provide you with an extensive range of UNIC mini spider cranes across the whole of Bulgaria. They have a strong commitment to providing the highest level of service where necessary. If you’re looking for UNIC mini spider crane hire in Bulgaria then contact Euromarket Group today.

UNIC Cranes is the master dealer across Europe for Furukawa UNIC. Specialising in compact mini spider cranes, we currently have a network of over 26 dealers across Europe, Middle East and Africa. We currently have the world’s most powerful spider crane as part of our fleet and our offering across the Bulgaria region.

To purchase or hire a spider crane in Bulgaria, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today.



51, Andrey Ljapchev blvd
Mlkadost I
1784 Sofia

+359 2 97 67 100
W: www.euromarket-group.com