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2.9t x 2.5m

The mini yet mighty URW-376 UNIC spider crane is capable of lifting loads of up to 2.9 tonnes and boasts from a lifting height of up to 14.9 metres. It features a six section hydraulic boom to allow a maximum working radius of 14.45m. [read more]


  • Max safe working load 2.9t x 2.5m
  • Max lifting height 14.9m (16.63m with fly jib, 17.33m with searcher hook)
  • Total width 1300mm
  • Max working radius 14.45m
  • Max boom length 14.61m
  • Weight of crane 3850-4000kg depending on fuel option
  • Diesel powered or optional mains electric

  • Zero length increase with electric option
  • Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System including intelligent voice warning system
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Intelligent throttle activation
  • Optional low marking tracks
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 36km/h, 22mph or 10m/s


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The UNIC URW-376 spider crane includes a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, where the crane uses a safe load indicator to prevent the crane operating outside of its safe working envelope. This spider crane has been used for a number of different applications, from the replacement of underground machinery, glazing, steel erection, restorations projects and more. As with all UNIC crane models, the URW-376 is quick to set up for experienced operators. Mini crane training is available from our fully accredited Centre of Excellence training facilities.

This mid-capacity spider crane can be controlled either from the onboard operator’s seat or from a distance using a remote control. This gives operators additional flexibility allowing them to work behind or away from the load, enabling better visibility, safe proximity and precise placement of loads.

UNIC cranes are the European master dealer for Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC. We offer UNIC mini spider cranes across our ever expanding dealer network throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our unrivalled product range of UNIC mini spider cranes are available for you to hire or purchase through our extensive dealer network.



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