France Elevateur Benelux

UNIC Spider Cranes dealer in Belgium

France Elevateur, specialise in the development and design of state of the art lifting platforms for conventional lifting and applications for niche lifting. They have partnered with UNIC Cranes Europe for over 10 years and have extensive experience in the lifting industry throughout the whole of Belgium.

With specialised knowledge in a wide range of lifting equipment, France Elevateur are able to provide UNIC mini spider cranes both to hire and to buy across Belgium. Like UNIC Cranes Europe there is a strong commitment to providing quality products and services whilst building strong meaningful customer partnerships. If you are looking for UNIC mini spider cranes and are based in Belgium, France Elevateur will be able to offer a solution to meet your needs.

UNIC cranes are the European master dealer for Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC. We offer UNIC mini spider cranes across our ever expanding dealer network throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our unrivalled product range of UNIC mini spider cranes are available for you to ire or purchase through our dedicated Belgian dealer, France Elevateur.

To purchase or hire a spider crane in Belgium, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today.



Roel Kinable (Vlaamse)
Georges Fontaine (Français)
Parc Industriel 5b
8587 Espierres

+32 56 51 40 26