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3.2t x 2.2m

The URW-325 Pop-Up is the result of continued innovation. With a max capacity of 3.2t and a maximum lifting height of 16.5m, this lithium-ion battery mini spider crane is packed with new features that make it exceptional for working in enclosed areas. [read more]


  • Total width 0.75m
  • Max working radius 15.7m with hydraulic fly jib
  • Maximum lifting height 16.5m with hydraulic fly jib
  • Maintenance free lithium-ion battery powered
  • Continuous operation while charging
  • Multi-position configurable outriggers
  • Auto-levelling system making setup easy
  • Pick & carry capacity: 500kg

  • 5 section derricking boom & 4 section telescoping jib
  • Unique pop-up column reduces rear swing overhang
  • Full colour high resolution SLI
  • Intelligent voice warning system
  • Radio remote control with feedback display as standard
  • Intelligent power activation for economy and ecology
  • Low noise output


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The most unique feature of the URW-325 is the ingenious pop-up column. With the king-post positioned centrally on the chassis, the crane gives users increased stability. The design of the pop-up column also offers operators the ability to work closer to obstacles than its closest competitor due to the minimal overhang of the column.

With expandable tracks as standard for improved stability, the URW-325 can be easily manoeuvred into position, by taking the width from 1100mm to 750mm, the crane can fit through suitable doorways.

With the four-section telescoping hydraulic jib, the URW-325 increases its lifting height from 10.9m to 16.5m and maximum working radius from 9.82m to 15.7m. The addition of variable outriggers means this adaptable crane can fit into some of the most confined working areas.

The URW-325 is fully powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can also be used while still charging.

UNIC cranes are the European master dealer for Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC. We offer UNIC mini spider cranes across our ever expanding dealer network throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our unrivalled product range of UNIC mini spider cranes are available for you to hire or purchase through our extensive dealer network.



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