UNIC Cranes for sale or hire in greece

UNIC Cranes dealer in Greece

Each of our dedicated dealers is committed to delivering high level of pre and post sales service to all UNIC customers across the European market. So if you are looking for mini spider crane hire or purchase in Greece, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today. 

UNIC Cranes Europe is the master dealer for the Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC. UNIC Cranes Europe specialises in the distribution, hire and sale of mini spider cranes throughout the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa. They have a dedicated dealer network that spans over 28 countries to support their operations globally.

UNIC Cranes Europe has a dedicated spider crane dealer based in Greece and they have over 40 years of experience in the Greek lifting market. Contact UNIC Cranes Europe for all of your spider crane needs in Greece.

To purchase or hire a spider crane in Greece, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today.



68, Lenorman & Palamidou Str
10444 Athens

+30 210 512 3268