Unic cranes for sale or hire in lithuania

UNIC Cranes dealer in Lithuania

For over ten years our dealer in Lithuania has been providing new and used machinery to help with cargo handling, warehousing, ports, airports and utilities for sale, lease, maintenance, service and spare parts supply services across Lithuania. They work with large enterprises, as well as with smaller customers to develop long-term partnerships to not only advise and choose cost-effective technical solutions, but also to supervise the sale or lease of UNIC mini spider cranes.

Our UNIC Cranes dealer in Lithuania make customer satisfaction a top priority. Like UNIC Cranes Europe there is a strong commitment to providing quality products and services whilst building strong meaningful customer partnerships. If you are looking for spider crane hire in Lithuania, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today.

UNIC Cranes Europe has worked closely with Japanese manufacturer Furukawa UNIC for over 20 years. Throughout this period, UNIC Cranes Europe has been able to build a trustworthy dealer network that now covers the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Contact UNIC Cranes Europe today for all of your lifting needs in Lithuania.

To purchase or hire a spider crane in Lithuania, contact UNIC Cranes Europe today.



UAB Alwark
Tomas Samulionis
Kirtimu str. 47B
Lt-02244 Vilnius

+370 (0) 5 264 63 30